Laparoscopic Hernia repair in a child by Dr. Rasik Shah

Enclosed find the video clip of laparoscopic repair of inguinal hernia in a child. We don’t need to insert mesh in children. We carry out the procedure same as an open surgery. We call it as IDES technique. I means incision of peritoneum, D means dissection of hernial sac, E means excision of part of the sac and S means suturing back the peritoneum. This is the highest possible ligation which can be done. The magnification of laparoscopy helps to safeguard the vas and vessels. The important advantage is to look at the opposite internal ring for patent processus vaginalis, if present then it can be repaired at the same time. We perform this surgery from 1997 (one case done in USA as a fellow in paediatric surgery department, university of Tennessee, Memphis and in India we do it since 2002. Recurrence of hernia is almost 0 %. So far only one patient had recurrence of more then 500 inguinal hernia repaired. We advocate laparoscopic repair for inguinal hernia.

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